sc buy black, locally

A web-based business directory and database created to give black-owned businesses, black entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and our entire black community a place to shine and reach one another.


Studies show that out of our $1.1 trillion buying power, only 2% is invested in black-owned businesses

This platform was created out of a need to support businesses that are owned and operated by black entrepreneurs to funnel more of that money back into our communities.

As a black consumer, the most common challenge
is discovering black companies in your area, and verifying that older businesses are still black-owned.

In addition, many of our people are unaware of where our black business owners are located, the services that are offered, and how they can reach out to support them. This leaves consumers confused and with no other option than to go to "big-box" and one-stop-shop businesses -- those that don't belong to us, but actively feed off of our customer demographic.

That's where we come in.