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Virginity Naturals

I handmake and sell all natural lipstick and lip balm. I started the busines in May of 2018. All products are shea/cocoa butter based. I add beeswax, essential oils, and natural pigment (lipstick). When it comes to personal care you should always use natural products free of toxins and chemicals. All ingredients are raw and have not been animal tested. No chemicals or dyes. I provide non-toxic beauty that allows women to have lip color in a healthy way. Also, men, women, and children can apply my natural lipbalm for moisture and to heal chapped lips.



Ebony Reid
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Exalted Skin Care

At Exalted Skin Care, our mission is to create and source a skincare line that works with nature to provide nourishment and luxury to the body. Each piece is created and designed by a talented and creative artisan using natural ingredients including essential oils, botanical's and colors. We strive to honor the world our God created by using ingredients He designed to help us thrive in a world of commercial, mass-produced, man-made products that cause unnecessary harm.

Our inventory consist of: Artisan Soap, Whipped Body Butter, Bee-Shea Lotion Bars, Terra Lipz Lip Balm, Fragrance Oils, Salty Soak Bath Salts, Shugga Scrubs, Hydrating Body Mist and Joe & Ike's Beard Balm.



Tanesha Johnson
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